The 7 Best Snowboarding Tricks for Beginners

Learning how to snowboard can be challenging but also very rewarding. Once you get comfortable linking turns and controlling your speed, you may be looking to take your snowboarding to the next level by trying some cool tricks.

7 fun snowboarding tricks that are perfect for beginners:

1. Straight Air

One of the simplest tricks is the straight air. For this trick, you approach the lip of a small jump or box and simply lift your snowboard up off the snow, keeping your body straight and board parallel to the ground. This gets you comfortable with catching a little air. As you improve, see how high you can lift your legs up or even grab your board for more style points.

2. 180 Turn

Once you’ve got straight airs dialed in, up the difficulty with a 180 turn. As you reach the end of a box or jump, twist your shoulders and hips 180 degrees so you land riding switch (with your opposite foot forward). This takes coordination to get your body and board around while in the air. Just make sure to spot your landing!

3. Nose & Tail Presses

Nose and tail presses are a fun way to stylize going over a box or rail. As you slide onto the feature, shift your weight towards your toes or heel edge to lift the opposite end of the board up. Hold briefly once you’re centered on the rail or box then release smoothly to ride away switch or regular.

4. 50/50 Grind

One of the most iconic snowboard tricks is sliding a rail from start to finish evenly balanced between your toes and heels. Approach slowly and slide on gradually until you are centered on the rail in a 50/50 position. Maintain even weight distribution as you slide to the end then safely ride away. Having a solid 50/50 grind will make learning other rail tricks much easier.

5. Frontside & Backside 180s

Once you’ve mastered riding switch and can hit small jumps confidently, try introducing some spin for stylish air time. As you take off, wind up your shoulder and hips to initiate a 180 degree spin. Spot your landing as you come around and ride away switch. Progress this to bigger spin variations like 360s.

6. Butter

Buttering is a fun ground trick where you balance on the nose or tail of your snowboard and “butter” out a slide. Approach gently, shift all your weight onto one end of the board then use subtle leg movements to control your slide. Have fun exploring buttering both directions across mellow terrain.

7. Ground Spins

The best place to learn basic spins is on a flat, wide run. Gain a bit of momentum then wind up and release a quick 180 or 360 ground spin. Having your board flat on the snow makes it easier to fully rotate versus being locked in with an edge on steeper slopes. Once you’ve mastered these on green runs take them to bigger terrain.

Remember to always progress at your own pace and start small. Having proper protective gear like helmets and wrist guards can also be very helpful when pushing your snowboarding abilities. Mastering any of these iconic beginner tricks will be sure to impress your friends on the hill and have you snowboarding like a pro in no time!

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